• What would you do? You wake up... your car is no longer on the driveway or in the garage...
  • How would you feel? After a night out... where you parked is now an empty space...
  • Will you avoid the slap? Follow your cars, trucks, bikes and smart-phones live on the map throughout Europe

No one even looks up from a siren... The esplOvia system notifies you via your smart-phone in case of a break-in or theft. No other tracking service offers this option. The esplOvia system is a unique concept that will give you peace of mind.

You want to know exactly where your car or motorcycle, your vans and trucks or buses are. You follow every driver live throughout Europe. You may subsequently retrieve the journey history and simulate the entire route on the map in highspeed.

You pay only one-time activation-fee and a periodical subscription. The devices are designed specifically for our platform and you get them free of charges for as long as your subscription runs. There are no installation costs because you plug in to the cigar lighter plug or let your own maintenance shop connect the two cables. Nevertheless, if you want we can also plug it in or connect it for you.

You startup with the basic package, thereafter it is very cheap to secure additional vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and smartphones that can be followed live or be history pulled.